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Technical Background

The DOGULEAN Planetarium 2.2 – Space Traveler Edition

Quick Start Instructions

If you don't have a standard 3-button mouse (two buttons and a mouse wheel), see Pointing Devices.

With these instructions, should be able to get at least as far as the Stargazing Tutorial gets you. For Space Travel mode, you may want to watch that tutorial to get everything you can do.

  1. Press Enter the Planetarium.
  2. When your browser asks whether to allow to access your position, allow.
  3. To move around, press the left mouse button and drag.
  4. To zoom in or out, turn the mouse wheel or press the mouse wheel and drag the mouse wheel up or down.
  5. Double-left-click the left mouse button to turn star labels on of off.
  6. Point at a star or planet to get more information.
  7. Right-click the mouse to open (or close) the Control Panel.
  8. Left-click a heading on the Control Panel to expand or unexpand it.
  9. Play with the controls!!
  10. If you get messed up, press All Defaults at the bottom of the Control Panel.
  11. If the planetarium seems to be eating up too many of your machine's cycles, try reloading the page. After that, don't either zoom in so much or set the clock rate so high. Probably your device is marginal for using the Planetarium.
    If your machine is still too slow after reloading the Planetarium page, don't use it to run the Planetarium.
If you have problems running the planetarium in your browser, see the Requirements Page.